How do the templates work?

Your CrownTV dashboard comes with customizable branded templates to which you can add your own text and images. To set up a template, go to Content Management > Graphics. You'll see tabs for Picture and Standard templates. You may also see other types of templates like "Menu", "Meeting Room", or "Real Estate", depending on your solution. Navigate to one of these tabs, and you'll see a list of your available templates of that type. You can preview a template by clicking the "Preview" button on the right. 

Find which template you'd like to set up, then click the "Edit" button to the right of it. A dialogue box will pop up containing the available fields for you to enter text and upload photos.

Input your desired text and photos, then click the green "Submit" button at the bottom when you're finished. Preview the template with your custom text and photos entered by clicking the "Preview" button on the right. 

To add a new template, click "Add new". Choose from the available templates, input your text and photos, and submit. 

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