How do I schedule content to play at a specific time?

Go to Content Scheduling, where you'll see tabs for the types of content you can display: Videos, Templates, Apps, and Widgets. Click on desired tab. Find the content item you'd like to schedule (e.g. Instagram Wall, News, Weather, etc.), and click "Scheduling" to the right of it. Choose the displays on which you'd like to play the content, then go to the Scheduling Options tab. 

Under "Duration", you'll see that you have four options: All The Time, Weekly, Days, and Custom.

All The Time: Content displays nonstop, 24/7.

Weekly: Choose start and finish dates (optional), as well as what time you'd like your content to start and stop playing every day.

Days: Choose start and finish dates (optional), and choose which days of the week you'd like your content to play. Content will display all day on the days you choose.

Custom: Choose start and finish dates (optional), start and end times for each day (optional) and days of the week.

Configure your scheduling options and click the green "Save" button at the bottom. Save your new schedule when prompted. Repeat for all content you'd like to schedule.

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