Can I update a display without internet?

It's possible to update a display without an internet connection. Here's how:

1. Go to Account > Tools > Update by USB Key. 

2. Select the display you'd like to update. You'll see two checkboxes: "Animation" and "Configuration". Animation is your content, while Configuration is your settings. Check both boxes to save both your content and settings, or choose one or the other. 

3. Click the green "Submit" button, wait a few seconds, and a ZIP file will be generated:

4. Click on the ZIP file (the filename will be today's date) to download it onto your computer.

6. Insert your USB stick into your computer. Save the ZIP file you just downloaded onto the USB stick.

7. Eject the USB stick from your computer and insert it into the USB slot on the back of your player.

8. Wait 35 seconds, then remove the USB stick from the player. Your screen should update right away.

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