How do I display an Instagram feed?

In addition to displaying an Instagram hashtag wall, you can also display any public Instagram account. Go to Content Scheduling > Apps, find "Instagram feed" and click "Scheduling" to the right of it. Under the Instagram Account(s) tab, you'll see the Instagram accounts you have programmed into your dashboard. If there are more than accounts, they will all display in rotation. Go to the Displays List tab and choose the displays on which you'd like to show the Instagram feed. Go to the Scheduling Options tab to configure your scheduling options. Click the green "Save" button at the bottom when you're finished, and save your new schedule when prompted. 

If you'd like to add another Instagram account to display, under the Instagram Account(s) tab click "Add new". Type in the handle of the Instagram account, not including the "@" symbol. Click the green "Add new" button when you're finished. It will take up to two minutes for the account to be added.

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