How do I display a Twitter feed?

When you first log into your CrownTV dashboard, your social media accounts should already be programmed in. To see which Twitter account(s) you have set up, go to Content Management > Social Networks / RSS and look under "Twitter". To add another Twitter account, click "Add new". When you type in your Twitter handle, do not include the "@" sign. If you have more than one Twitter account programmed in, both accounts will display in rotation.

A Twitter feed can only be displayed using the Widget option, meaning it will display on the top, bottom, left or right portion of the screen alongside your other scheduled content.

To set up a Twitter feed, go to Content Scheduling and navigate to the Widgets tab. Find "Twitter" and click "Scheduling" to the right of it. Choose the displays on which you'd like to display the Twitter feed, then go to the Scheduling Options tab. You'll see a "Position" option, where you can choose where on the screen you'd like the widget to display: top, bottom, left or right. Click the desired position, configure the rest of your scheduling options then click the green "Save" button at the bottom. Save your new schedule when prompted.

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